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At Brann Translations, we strive to provide the highest quality translation regardless of the size, the industry or the type of document, for all our clients worldwide.

Meaningfully translated

We do not translate literally, but instead we work within the target language so that nuances and tone from the source language remain intact and the original message is conveyed perfectly.

It’s all about the detail

The document is then thoroughly proofread to ensure 100% accuracy for a perfectly finished product every time.

Our Team

Translators, interpreters, proofreaders and tutors

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Cultural knowledge in both target and source language(s)
  • Always deliver on time
  • Consistently thorough and accurate translations
  • Native speakers
  • Specialise across all industries

Our Strengths

Available 24/7
All our team members are enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who go the extra mile to accommodate our clients’ needs 24/7.
Fast Turnaround
We aim to deal with your request within one hour of receiving it by providing you with a quote and a deadline.
Competitive on Price
We will not be beaten on price. We will match any quotes you receive from our competitors.

Our Services

Our translation services offer our clients translations provided by language experts who work exclusively into their native languages. These professionals are experienced in one or more industry sectors.

Certified Translations
There are various reasons you may need to get a translation certified. This is often necessary when legal documents like birth or marriage certificates are translated or documents are intended for official use, like contracts.

Adult Tutorials
For individuals and companies, private or group lessons, at home or at work.

We offer comprehensive proofreading services, in order to ensure that the translation is consistent with clients tone of voice and specialist glossary. The translation will also be screened for grammatical or spelling errors. Our translation proofreading service offers peace of mind that your website, publication or marketing material is linguistically flawless. The proofreader will ensure it adheres to the stylistic requirements for your project.

Interpreting is a delicate exercise in which there is no room for error: an interpreter must be absolutely fluent in the languages involved, must have excellent communication skills and must be extremely focused and highly accurate. We can meet all your needs in the area of interpreting: whether at a formal event or an informal meeting.

Language Assessments
We can assess the level of language required for your staff to attend a course or to get a promotion. The candidate will be marked based on their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, understanding and graded accordingly.

Our Testimonials

“We have successfully contracted Brann Translations services during 2014; at all times, we have found Charlotte’s work consistently professional and succinct. Her approach is both personable and patient in establishing documentation relevance; Charlotte takes time to review all work once completed to ensure a consistency in context and understanding. We will look to utilise Brann Translations again in the near future”

Greg Edwards, Global Head Transactional FX, HSBC


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